This pocket selfie drone looks like something out of a science fiction movie and packs a major punch for its size.

This quadcopter  hasn’t been designed for lengthy expeditions, instead, it is a perfect solution for those who wish to quickly capture high-quality photos and videos of themselves, their families and activities. 

The quadcopter is in a price bracket above the selfie drones but offers more features and higher image quality.

Control and Features

The entire pocket drone weighs in at less than half a pound and is fully controllable from your smartphone via the ‘’ app which is Android and iOS compatible.

This quadcopter has 9GB of internal storage with no SD card, this means that the photos and videos are recorded and stored internally and do not have to be stored on your smartphone. A micro-USB port allows you to easily download your content from the drone to your laptop or another device.

An optical sensor allows the quadcopter to track its position for safe flight indoors.

An acoustic sensor aids the quadcopter in performing gentle landings.

The pocket selfie drone incorporates advanced features such as tracking the user and keeping them in the shot while recording.

It also has a “short video” mode in which it will take a 10-second dronie of you while zooming out from your location.


Selfie Features – Facial Recognition, 13 MP camera, Indoor Flight, ‘Short Video’ selfie mode.

Flight Time – 9 minutes

Video Quality – 720P

Photo Quality – HD Standard resolution

Range – 100m

Charging Time – 45 minutes

GPS – US GPS and Russian GLONASS Satellites

Optical Sensors – Yes (1)

Acoustic Sensor – Yes (1)

Size – 135mm X 67mm X 36.8mm (folded)

Battery – Proprietary 7.6V 970mAh LiPo 2S

The Good

  • Folding arms for easy storage and portability.
  • Automatic take-off and landing from the palm of your hand or the ground.
  • 1080p digitally stabilized camera.
  • No SD card needed.
  • Optical sensor for indoor positioning.
  • An acoustic sensor for gentle landings.
  • Controllable via virtual joystick, g sensor, fly and swipe.
  • Several video options (continuous shooting, follow me, fly out and in, face tracking, circle me)
  • Swivel camera which can be rotated around a large angle, allowing shots directly below.
  • Doesn’t require FAA registration.
  • Uses US GPS as well as Russian GLONASS satellites for positioning.

The Bad

  • Short flight time of approximately 7 minutes.
  • Doesn’t have obstacle avoidance.
  • Still awaiting an update for 4K video.
  • 3 Tap Take-off sometimes works intermittently.
  • May require re-calibration with satellites for optimal positioning.

The Bottom Line

The Pocket Selfie Drone is definitely one of the best small selfie quadcopter available on the market. The video quality might not be 4K but is none the less, very good, especially compared to some of the slightly less expensive quadcopters.

The flight time is quite short and this is probably the biggest downfall. The portability, included sensors and versatile features are a plus.

Overall, if you’re looking for a small drone with excellent image/video quality for short, spontaneous captures then this is probably the best option for you.